Fading StarLight



The second volume in R.A. Foster’s science fiction adventure The Wingate Chronicles.

Angered by the knowledge that their carefully laid plans for the humans of Earth are no longer secure,  the Grays move to take a more hands-on, direct involvement in quickly shaping the culture and the nations of Earth. Eliminating and minimizing everything of strength that could stand in their way, they now seek to lay a new road for their plans by deceiving the minds of people everywhere.

All sides of this conflict, even the Grays’ ancient enemies of the past, are now racing for control of the future as the Becker family is hunted by powers they cannot ignore. Heartache and loss follow closely behind Captain John Becker and his mother, Megan, as change is forced on them. Can a dream from Eternity shape the future?


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ISBN:   9780998667508
Pages:   199
Dimensions:   7.5 x 5.5

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