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I’m working on it.

So I know I’ve done a horrible job at keeping people up to date.

It’s a sure thing if I am around people and the subject of my books come up. The next question will always be…when is book three coming out?

As nice as it is to know that people like the product you are putting out it are also a little aggravating not to be able to give quality answers to the fans.

One of the basic issues I am running into is time and life, just like everyone else on the planet. Work, pay bills and find time for everything else and then repeat the next day. So, as a result, to get anywhere you must prioritize and make plans and sometimes getting the next book out must take a back seat to things of higher importance.

I’ve learned I basically do a horrible job at marketing my own product, nor do I have the proper connections or time to really get it to where it needs to be. Simply getting a book into Amazon means very little anymore in the publishing world.

Other competitors closely guard there parts of the pie and although the parts they have seem small, they all add up. So my solution is to (at this time) step out of the self-published world and make my way into the larger book world. Basically, I have been shopping around, looking at regular publishers and reading contracts. I have rejected several on the basis of no real marketing platform or bad contract. Then I found a publisher who has a marketing plan, that on paper at least has a bigger footprint than what Amazon can offer. They read the manuscript for the first book and offered me one of the best contracts I have seen yet. As a result, I am holding off on book 3 until I see what they do with book one. If all go’s well they will be my new marketing platform.

So they are re-editing the first book, Age of Shadows again. I just approved the last edit, so now it’s off to formatting and graphics. There is a fairly good chance that there will be a new cover and possibly a new name. If so, those of you with the older cover’s hang on, you now have a “classic limited edition.”

If they do what they say and it does well then I will gladly have them handle Fading Starlight. Currently the third book, The Eugenics War is sitting on my desk, waiting. Part of me still wants to do it as a self-published book with my cover for a while. But part of me, the practical side says wait and let them do it. What do you, the fans think?

PS. if you want to help then please remember to add your review where ever you find it for sale online. As well as referring it to others.

An Unfortunate set of Circumstances

  Please take the time to read all the way through this post.

  The Wingate Chronicles website this week has undergone a few changes. I was not looking to make any changes this weekend, I had other plans.

  But due to the fact, that the subscription/update file started to really grow quite a bit this month. I realized that I needed to move quickly to keep ahead of what was happening.

  My old method was to take the submitted email address and manually input them into a separate system that I have. But due to the fact that the file was now very large, I needed a better system.

  So this week I had to rebuild the main website in order to integrate a new automatic system that manages contacts for me in a professional manner. All of that worked well and I was able to import the whole email address file seamlessly into the system.

  With that working so well I sent out an introductory email called, “Greetings To All The New Subscribers.“ That contained an offer to all subscribers for 50% off all books this month as a way of saying thank you.

  And that’s where everything went haywire.

  I started getting reports back from the new system about how many emails were opened. As well as how many bounced because people entered their own email address wrong. I was happy because most of the address were valid and people did not unsubscribe. But within a few hours, the new automatic system shut everything down…argh.

  The reason was not for any of the reasons already stated above, but because of ISP spam reports. Apparently, many people’s spam filters registered the phrase, “Greeting To All The New Subscribers,“ as spam and automatically rejected it. If their spam filter works anything like the one I have at work, then I would assume most people never even got to see the email.

  I was surprised to find the tolerance for reported spam bounces was less than one percent.

 …Long story as short as I can make it…

  If you subscribed or you are interested in receiving updates about future book releases and stuff. Then please assume that you are no longer subscribed and return to the website, wingatechronicles.com look at the website on the left-hand side and please resubscribe.

  Sorry for all the confusion. And if you did subscribe, and want to take advantage of the offer I spoke about. Then look in your spam filter and find the email I sent. Because the offer is still good for this month, April 2017 only.

New cover

BookCoverImageHello everyone, just a quick note here of what’s been going on. First of all, book one has a new cover. That was a deliberate plan so that it would match with book two. Also, I have been learning a few things about the book world and that has resulted in several changes and the slowing down of the release of book two.

More on that in a moment, but first what in book one.

  1. New cover
  2. Re-edited for smoother read.
  3. Full chapter names.
  4. Names of all the upcoming books.
  5. New back cover
  6. Change of publisher


For a better control, The Wingate Chronicles books will now be under a new name, Breadstone Publishing. Also, I have stepped away from dealing exclusively with Amazon under there KPD select program and have now included ITunes. See link below.



More later.