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An Unfortunate set of Circumstances

  Please take the time to read all the way through this post.

  The Wingate Chronicles website this week has undergone a few changes. I was not looking to make any changes this weekend, I had other plans.

  But due to the fact, that the subscription/update file started to really grow quite a bit this month. I realized that I needed to move quickly to keep ahead of what was happening.

  My old method was to take the submitted email address and manually input them into a separate system that I have. But due to the fact that the file was now very large, I needed a better system.

  So this week I had to rebuild the main website in order to integrate a new automatic system that manages contacts for me in a professional manner. All of that worked well and I was able to import the whole email address file seamlessly into the system.

  With that working so well I sent out an introductory email called, “Greetings To All The New Subscribers.“ That contained an offer to all subscribers for 50% off all books this month as a way of saying thank you.

  And that’s where everything went haywire.

  I started getting reports back from the new system about how many emails were opened. As well as how many bounced because people entered their own email address wrong. I was happy because most of the address were valid and people did not unsubscribe. But within a few hours, the new automatic system shut everything down…argh.

  The reason was not for any of the reasons already stated above, but because of ISP spam reports. Apparently, many people’s spam filters registered the phrase, “Greeting To All The New Subscribers,“ as spam and automatically rejected it. If their spam filter works anything like the one I have at work, then I would assume most people never even got to see the email.

  I was surprised to find the tolerance for reported spam bounces was less than one percent.

 …Long story as short as I can make it…

  If you subscribed or you are interested in receiving updates about future book releases and stuff. Then please assume that you are no longer subscribed and return to the website, wingatechronicles.com look at the website on the left-hand side and please resubscribe.

  Sorry for all the confusion. And if you did subscribe, and want to take advantage of the offer I spoke about. Then look in your spam filter and find the email I sent. Because the offer is still good for this month, April 2017 only.

Introducing, Jenny

As we steadily march closer and closer to the release of the second book. I thought I would introduce to you a new character who will increasingly take a larger role within the overall story of the next three books. Her name is Jenny, and even though it will be part way through the book before you get to meet her. I hope that you will like her. Her background is dark and at times a little hidden. That’s why I have included this video. Think of the words of this song to kinda be like her “back story” of sorts.


Captain John Becker

The trials of life can be a heavy weight for us all, but no less for Captain John Becker. Since the ending of Age of Shadows, death has followed him as he has undergone many things in his life. The following music video could not be a better teaser for what’s going on in John’s mind and heart in Fading Starlight. Pay close attention to the words as it DOES CLOSELY reflect many of the aspects of John’s storyline.


On the Road Again.

Jan15th. 2017
Hello, everyone, I wanted to give some information. As I am sure many of you know, the second book should have been out a year ago. But there were many lessons to be learned between that date and today, and yes money issues did get in the way as well.

A former employer of mine that publishes its own books brought me back on into the same department I was in before. As a result of that, it gave me the opportunity to meet and talk with some people and confirm some things I have been thinking about the publishing world. That is, the book world is seeing the decline of the power of EBooks.

There was one meeting in particular with a major buyer for several chain stores who looks at several thousand book titles a month. In his opinion printed books are back and here to stay. Because, as he said “A book feels real in your hand like you got something. An Ebook is viewed by their customers as temporary, almost fake.” Around 90 to 95 percent of their sales is printed books.

That confirms to me that an author can starve to death on Ebooks sales. Because right now it feels like a mass of sharks (authors) all scrambling with increasingly lowering sales for the few dimes on the bottom of the ocean floor.

Therefore I have pulled my ebook on Amazon and will be pulling it on Apple very soon. I gave up some time ago tracking down the pirate sights who have stolen the file. They pop up faster than a “whack-a-mole” game, so I am done with them.

There a gazillion people out there who want their books for free, and will only download free books. Sorry, not playing that game. I gave away over a thousand via Amazon’s KDP program and never saw any real increase in sales after that. If anything, all it did was bottom out and stayed dead for months.


So where do we stand today?

Book two ( Fading StarLight) I believe should be out near the end of this month or around the first week or so of February. Look for updates and will list the places online that you can buy it. As well as a sneak peek that I will release soon of the first Chapter.


This next book will be around thirty pages more, and here is the write up for the back cover.

“Angered by the knowledge that their carefully laid plans for the humans of Earth are no longer secure, the Grays move to take a more hands-on, direct involvement in quickly shaping the culture and the nations of Earth. Eliminating and minimizing everything of strength that could stand in their way, they now seek to lay a new road for their plans by deceiving the minds of people everywhere.

With all sides of this conflict, even the Grays’ ancient enemies of the past. Are now racing for control of the future as the Becker family is hunted by powers they cannot ignore. Heartache and loss follow closely behind Captain John Becker and his mother, Megan, as change is forced on them. Can a dream from Eternity shape the future?”

Update 11.29.2015

As most of you know, I finally finished the rough draft of book four. It was surprising to me to see how many times, I had to go all the way back to book two. And re-write parts of it to fit with book four.

Then, because I am highly considering a new book series after Wingate. Using some of the same people. I found, I had to go back and re-write book two again.

Therefore, I am personally very surprised to find out that book number two, “Fading Starlight.” Just how pivotal this book will be to the overall story that I am building.

When will it be done?

Good question. As a struggling new author, I need to balance everything to get this project done. I just got done with a long fight with Amazon to get the Ebook for Age of Shadows done. That was the result of bad advice from the start.

As a new author, there never seems to be enough money or skilled people at the time you need them to get it done. So, I am going to cautiously put a print date for Wingate Chronicles, Fading Starlight. Sometime in late January of 2016.

Thank you to everyone who bought the book or Ebook, every dollar helps.

If you wish to help out. Then consider giving Age of Shadows as a Christmas gift this year at a reduced price. Just add your email address in the box at the top of the Wingate Chronicles website. And I will email you all the information you need to order as many copies as you would like at 50 percent off.